Further Afield

Links to other pages that may interest you:

Synchronized Skating

  • Jura Synchro: current news on synchronized skating, competitions results, introductions to teams, event calendar, etc., you name it.
  • OneTeamMVMT: moving the sports to Olympics stage
  • Get it Called: coverage on synchro in the US
  • GoldenSkate: discussion forums on synchro events
  • 32blades: less often maintained, but still a resourceful website on synchro skating
  • Pigeon Post: Japanese website on skating, with some coverage on synchro
  • Deep Edge: Japanese website on skating event information

Videos on synchro

  • Britta Gericke: lots of synchro videos. Their effort in uploading vids is much appreciated.  From there, see what YouTube suggests more.
  • Spring Cup YouTube channel: slightly older videos of Spring Cup, which is an important international synchro competition usually held in March each year near Milan, Italy.
  • Icebear YouTube channel: looking for Finnish competitions videos? Check this out.
  • Virtual Synchro Skating Championship 2020: 2019/20 season and thereafter are disrupted by COVID-19 which affects disproportionately this team ice sports.  World Synchronized Skating Championship 2020 was to be held in Lake Placid, USA but was cancelled.  So instead a virtual competition was “held” unofficially.  Teams submitted their videos for the world to “attend” the event.