Sony A9

Sony A9: 1st quick thoughts

I was happy to have Canon EOS 80D for Sessions 15/16 & 16/17. But as the season went by, 80D showed its limitation.  Don’t get me wrong. It was absolute joy to use 80D, it’s just not the camera for that most demanding task of synchro photos.

And so I decided to move on to full frame and got Sony A9.

I will update my comments on this camera.  So far my initial thoughts (as of Nov 2017, after 2 smaller synchro events) are-

  1. It does drain battery.   It dropped from 9x% to 8x% only after 1 hour of not-intenstive shooting (mostly single shots).

  2. High ISO performance: not as impressive as I’ve expected.  My 80D was only about 1 stop worse. ISO5000 is only bearable.

  3. The eye cup of e-viewfinder: loves lint from clothes as I hanged it with neck strap. So was the joystick on the back of camera.

  4. It does need extensive customization to get most commonly used functions accessible.  Tired of navigating the menu to access key items such as “ISO speed”, “focus mode”, etc.


Sample photos

Minimum processing unless otherwise indicated. Not converted from RAW.

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